Garden Pests and How to Deal with Them

Garden pests are a horrible nuisance for any household and getting rid of them can be a real pain. Before I carry on about garden pests and getting rid of them first it would be good to go into more details on what exactly is a garden pest.

A garden pest is anything that destroys or makes your property inhabitable or unhygienic in anyway shape or form.This can include wasps who make you afraid to go into the garden, termites which eat the foundations of your shed or home, rats which eat your food and anything else for that matter or even moles digging up your back garden!

OK now that we know what a garden pest lets move on how to deal with them. Well because we are doing this generally, I am going to have to give a general plan of action.

Why is the pest there?

By this I mean what is the pest getting from your home. Why won;t they leave? If you find the answer simply take that condition away from them. E.g. a rat may stay because of your bins. Empty them at the local skip instead. 


Traps are a very efficient way of dealing with pests like rats or termites. And is one of the quickest ways to get rid of them. This is different from what a pest controller would do as they would take a more direct approach.

Pest Control Specialist

If all else fails call in the big dogs. These guys will get rid of any pests that have invested your home or garden or pretty much anything in a square kilometre radius!  I happen to know a company who provide pest control in WIgan and pest control in Warrington.

While this may seem like a bit extreme sometimes it is the only thing you can do in an emergency.